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Trust and Community

When speaking to someone , what makes you feel safe ? How do you know you can freely speak with the other. Is it their expression? What if they show the biggest smile? Is it their eyes? What if they show a gleam? Is it their tone? What if they have a soft and gentle voice? What if they show empathy ?

Yet even though everything points to a comforting person , how do you know it’s not all a facade. A soft aura leading you to ruin, like a human Venus flytrap feeding off your emotions. An emotional demon possessing your thoughts , influencing your actions. Paranoia ? Maybe , even so the human mind might be Nature’s greatest horror. A monster that you can’t outrun , a voice you can’t tune out, fear you can’t shut out by closing your eyes.

This can plague the people you speak too , yet how would you know that underneath the joyful laughter that the demon isn’t slipping from their mind. I have often spoken to people and they quickly tune to me like if they were hearing their favorite song on the radio. That level of trust surprises me, how quickly they believe I can help them amazes me. What drives that primal sense of communal mentality.

However am I also part of that loop? Foolish and selfish of me to think that they are not showing the same mentality. How do we know we aren’t stuck in the same cycle ? If everything is connected, all is one , is that why we feel drawn to others? In reality we are drawn to ourselves.

Thats a contradicting thought , we are all surrounded by ourselves , yet if everything is one that seems very lonely ironically. One being being divided infinitely. Scattered yet whole , how was this universe’s concept created. What is the fundamental energy frequency that governs this law?

Is it the communal mentality of this universe’s life forms that upholds this law? The universal neutral/balanced space influenced by our thoughts. Funny to think that most of the lifeforms in this universe seek the balance and enlightenment of being one, yet once you reach that point only to be divided in a different aspect to experience again.

Seems like an endless loop , even though it would be a choice , but part of you still becomes divided. What if all energy decides to consciously become one physical being, or even one energy that’s not split into aspects. What would that look, feel like? A sense of wholeness ? Or loneliness?

Would there be empty space or just pure frequencies overlapping each other mashing into noise. If it was organized that would indicate there is space between them/us. Are we really one if there’s space between ourselves  ? Or is it a foolish idea for a physical human mind to even truly conceive the notion of true unconditional love, and a sense of togetherness.

I say unconditional love in the micro sense of our universe. Is the Macro universe trying to teach us that even though there is empty space between each galaxy , planets , stars , black holes , they all work together and expand. That we should employ that structure in our daily life with others and ourselves. 

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