As Above So Below


Time for introductions! My name is Dahvik Sehva , and I am a bit of a “jack of all trades”. I have many interests which can range from literature to metaphysical. I create music , edit photo and videos , create games , artwork , crafts , literature , and read tarot and oracle. I love games and once did twitch when I had the time , which I will be doing again soon!   

Now why am I telling you all this?

                 Well I want my readers to learn a bit about me and what this site is about. Since I love different topics I wanted to create a website to share and express them. If your looking for organized chaos look no further!

Wait… what do you mean organized chaos?

                 Usually a brand has one topic they focus on or a “niche” which is a good thing to practice . However  I didn’t want to be limited to a “box” and be “outside of the box”. I wanted one site to show what I love! Instead of creating multiple sites and you have to be redirected to many sites versus just pressing Home , so expect many different posts!

Ok so what if I only want to see one thing?

                 Glad you asked! If u didn’t well I’m saying it anyway lolol. While my site will feature many things , everything will be organized so you can click on a tab and the one subject you care about will be the only thing you see 🙂

Wait… there’s a niche?

                 Yes and no , ironically by not having a niche I get a niche. That niche is called many things “strange”, “random”, “chaotic”. While I know some don’t like this “structure” but hey to each their own right? lol Let the mind run free! Well… until nap time ha.

In summary!

                 Whether you want to read or watch one or more things then you came to the right place! Thank you for reading this far, I’m happy to have you here and enjoy your stay ! 🙂 Or at least until you get side tracked by youtube and one moment your watching funny animal videos then all of a sudden you end up in a conspiracy video and you think “How the hell did I end up here?!” lolol or is that just me ? 🙁