As Above So Below

Hey! I’m Dahvik Sehva ! I usually love to write literature and reviews about entertainment. Sometimes I throw some Metaphysical things in here as well lol.



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The Sound

The Sound In my agony I realize that I cannot sleep. A sudden chill crawls up my arm and sinks it’s teeth into my heart. The heinous sound surrounds me, reverberating around my room. Even scratching chalkboard would be a alluring symphony compared to this never ending transmission that consumes my…

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An endless sea of light , an endless abyss of darkness. As above so below ,we risk going to an extremity of either side of the spectrum or being stuck in suspended animation in the middle. Until we transcend our 3D and linear views and beliefs. Until we forget again and again and how ironic…

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Snow falling silently , the alluring shimmer of each snowflake for miles on end.Clouds block the fiery eye of sky, its warmth ripped from the earth. As the air grows colder , the grass starts to freeze , flowers hoping for the light. Whats worse , knowing that beyond the clouds…

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Trust and Community

When speaking to someone , what makes you feel safe ? How do you know you can freely speak with the other. Is it their expression? What if they show the biggest smile? Is it their eyes? What if they show a gleam? Is it their tone? What if they have…

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